By guest, May 22 2016 10:54PM

Best trophy ranges for resource farming in Clash of Clans

Let’s assume you’ve got your barracks boosted and you are getting ready for a two-hour farming session to bring in a few million gold and elixir. You’re working with a basic farming army, something like archers, barbarians and maybe some goblins (that’s my preferred farming combo). The most variable as to whether it will be a successful two hours or a frustrating grind is the trophy range you are clashing in.

Each Townhall level has a different sweet spot. For TH10’s, don’t float past Crystal League III, or 2,200 trophies. The best place to be is between 1,800-2,000 trophies with a farming army like archers, barbarians and goblins. This range will drop a range of TH8-TH9 bases that have decent loot. Farming as a TH10 can feel like a grind, regardless, because the loot percentages are at their minimum compared with lower Townhall levels. The goal. however, is always to find 100,000 of each gold and elixir, with any dark elixir being a bonus.

The dramatic change in loot percentages between Townhall levels is the reason why clashers should not rush their TH upgrades and try to max out their current TH level before doing so. For example, if you are currently a TH7, don’t upgrade to TH8 until you have nothing left to upgrade because the farming loot is going to become slightly diminished after the upgrade. This is old news, though, and I digress.

As for TH9’s, I currently have a TH9 alt that earns incredible loot from 1,500-1,600. My account is set for English language, as well. That is, after all, one of the major tricks in the game. There are different servers dictated by the language filter in the “Settings” tab. In other words, if I changed with Spanish, I’d have not just a Spanish interface but I’d also be clashing against mostly Spanish-speaking clashers. Regardless, I think 1,500-1,600, or Gold League II, is the money spot for TH9. During a two-hour farming session, I can grab over 3 million gold and 2 million elixir. TH9 is the best Townhall level for farming in the game, so absolutely do not rush from TH9 to TH10.

Down to TH8, the best farming trophy range is 1,200-1,500. Basically, stay in Gold League III if you want the best loot as a TH8. Just like TH9, there is a ton of great loot to be found as a TH8. You can grab well over 2 million gold and 2 million elixir in a 2-hour-boost session, using just archers, barbarians and goblins.

As for TH7, just float around 1,000-1,200 for good farming. At the lower Townhall levels of the game, it is difficult to get over 100,000 of each resource when farming, but it isn’t necessary, either, because the upgrades are less pricey. Maxing out a TH7 isn’t a cake walk but shouldn’t take too long. Get it done as quickly as possible to push yourself to TH8, where the game content really starts to open up.

Anything from TH6 and below, just don’t exceed 1,000 trophies for good farming. Past 1,000 trophies, the bases are often too tough to gather loot. Farming isn’t difficult at the low Townhall levels, anyways, because the upgrades are cheap. Just kickback, relax and keep those builders working so you can rise up to higher Townhall levels.

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